Standards for Mercury

Various laws in Japan regulate and set standards for mercury. The following is a list of relevant, domestic standards:

Types of Standards

Total Hg

Alkyl mercury compounds

Standards for disposal of domestic wastes and industrial wastes in landfill site (leachate-controlled type)


Not to be detected

Standards for discharge of effluent from final landfill site

  a. Hg in effluent

  b. Hg in surrounding groundwater



Not to be detected

Not to be detected

Standards for atmospheric emission

  a. Waste incinerator

  b. Incinerator for sludge which contaminated by mercury



Not set

Not set

Standards for working environment

<0.025mg/m3 *1

<0.01mg/m3 *2

*1 Excluding mercuric sulfide (HgS).
*2 Limited to ethyl and methyl compounds.